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Works 2019–2023

A Story by Emily Dickinson

«One sister have I in our house / and one a hedge away / still in her eye / the violets lie» For a long time, "nature" was considered something strange, because nature was outside and wild, while we - the human beings - were inside and civilized. It was similar with men's view of women. From the perspective of the dominant male vision, women embodied the "other". A living being, which was not controlled by spirit and intellect, but let itself be driven by nature with all its affects. Women were therefore dangerous, because their proximity to nature could develop a strong, uncontrollable force. 150 years ago, women squeezed themselves into long, tight dresses in which they could hardly move freely. And yet there was this insatiable longing for nature, wilderness and freedom: Getting lost in the trees, disappearing in the forest, sinking into the waves of the sea and fly with the wind… These images have become a diary of my own longing for nature, mixed with the force memories of another time.

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